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Impact Reports

Since 1994 HOPE has generated over $2 billion in financing for entrepreneurs, homebuyers and community development projects, and directly benefited more than 650,000 individuals.

2014ImpactReportCover-SEach year, the organization produces a report on the impact of its work during the previous year. This includes analyses of each of the areas in which HOPE works as well as examples of typical projects. These Impact Reports provide valuable information about what we and our partners across the region are doing to move the Mid South forward.

2014 HOPE Impact Report - For more than 20 years, HOPE has been working with partners across the Mid South to build pathways to economic security and create opportunity forindividuals and families in distressed communities. Find out more about the people and places we have been able to reach with the support of our partners this year.

2012 HOPE Impact Report – This year we put a focus on the people and neighborhoods that are often unseen in our daily live or forgotten by the financial mainstream.  Four of our markets—College Station, Arkansas; Louisville, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; and New Orleans, Louisiana—are featured and challenges particular to each community are highlighted.

2011 HOPE Impact Report - This document highilghts HOPE's accomplishments in 2011 and discusses the organizations efforts to provide solutions to underbanked Mid South commuities and combat growing bank deserts.

2010 HOPE Impact Report - A look at significant accomplishments 2010 and in important changes to HOPE's operations and positioning the organizations for achieving even stronger results in the future.

2009 ECD/HOPE Imapct Report - Features a timeline that highlights significant projects, partnerships, and milestones since the organizations inception. 

2008 ECD/HOPE Impact Report - Chronicles ECD/HOPE's 15 years of service to the Mid South and accomplishments during 2008.

2007 ECD/HOPE Impact Report - Provides an overview of ECD/HOPE's successes in delivering products and programs throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

2006 ECD/HOPE Impact Report - Recounts ECD/HOPE's efforts to strengthen communities, build assets, and improve lives across the Mid South.

2005 ECD/HOPE Impact Report - Features ECD/HOPE's successes in building business, homeownership, and personal assets.

2004 ECD/HOPE Impact Report - Details ECD/HOPE's activities in 2004 concentrating on serving entrepreneurs, homeowners, families and communities.

2003 ECD/HOPE Impact Report - Highlights ECD/HOPE's 10 years in operation and the impact during the past decade.

2002 ECD Impact Report - Describe ECD's efforts to connect the region through the products it offers and the partnerships it creates.